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Explosion-proof Tempered Glass Film
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IPad Mini Explosion-proof tempered glass film
Product ID : P-MINI Product Name : IPad Mini Explosion-proof tempered glass film
Introduction : Explosion-proof tempered glass film 5 advantages
1. High strength scratch resistant: 8-9H hardness, its much higher than ordinary film about 3H hardness, refuse to screen scratches, the test shows under the condition of normal use can ensure 3 years not scratches
2. High definition: optical transmission rate, low reflection, high
3. Anti fingerprint: surface polymer anti fingerprint processing, fingerprint inhibition than ordinary film greatly improved (Note: Under present technical, 100% anti fingerprint is impossible, this glass film can max improve the anti fingerprint effects).
4. Touch Smooth: eliminate the common film touch not smooth feeling, feel more smooth, more fluent operation
5. Sensitive reaction: although thickness for ordinary film 3 times, but when using touch reaction speed is better
Application : Step
1. Wash your hands, open the packaging
2. Cleaning the iphone screen in cloth, use with glass film supporting professional dust film (purple) to clean iphone screen
3. There is a dust wet towel in the package, please use it. It with high effects to clean the screen.
4. Peel off the ¡°red 1 back¡± on the glass film.
5. Be careful alignment the screen edge, let the glass film put down slowly from the key edge, let the film touch the screen slowly, at this moment, glass film will automatically exhaust, slowly joint the iphone screen. And glass film completely exhaust over, notice the iPhone screen have not fully discharge little bubble. If there is a small bubble can use finger except
6. After that, then peel off the ¡°blue 2 front¡± on the glass film. Be careful do not take up the one that stick, pay attention to the hand strength and speed, be careful with the patch
7. Finally, use the screen cleaning cloth to press the glass film and srceen.

1. When stick the film the screen should be clean, inside a dust in the glass film, there will be a little bit small, not beautiful. The best is stick it one time, repeat to do so would not perfect.
2. Some bubble do not exhaust in time and can not drop, because glass membrane and cell phone screen haven't completely joint. It¡¯s okay for you to use the phone. After a few time stick the film then press it, the bubble will exhaust soon.
Technical parameters :
Thickness(mm) : 0.4 Color : Tran
Adhesive : silicone Backing : glass
Short-term temperature : 80 Long-term temperature : 60
Liner : PET film      
Main Features : Model No:IPad Mini Explosion-proof terpered glass film
Applicable model:IPad Mini
Material:High pervious to light material
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