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kapton tape
Product ID : P0104 Product Name : kapton tape
Introduction : Kapton tape, also known as polyimide tape,polyimide film as a substrate, coated on one side of high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.There are single-sided fluoroplastic from composite materials with or without composite types of materials. Coating precision of 2.5um, no scratches, drawing, and other phenomena, good shear resistance, easy die-cutting excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance.
Application : Suitable for electronic circuit board wave soldering masking, electrical insulation and high-end finger protection, motor insulation, as well as lithium battery positive and negative and ears fixed. Now it is widely used in aviation, marine, spacecraft, missiles, rockets, atomic energy, electrical and electronic industry and other fields.
Technical parameters :
Thickness(mm) : 0.12 Color : Gold
Adhesive : Silicone Backing : Polyimide film
Short-term temperature : 300 Long-term temperature : 280
Liner : No      
Main Features : Insulation resistance,voltage,temperature, corrosion resistance, abrasion.
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